A Registry where Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Equity and Timely Service Delivery hold sway


  • Polytechnic education as an investment in human capital required for this development.
  • Polytechnic education as the hub of rapid industrialization by providing workforce with professional, technical and managerial skills.
  • Polytechnic Education as a major roadmap to knowledge economy and knowledge society.
  • Polytechnic education as roadmap to the educational workers, knowledge workers and economic growth.

Polytechnic education, as an instrument of absorption and dissemination of knowledge through teaching and research

  • Polytechnic and higher education in general as roots to strong nation-state where citizens can enjoy an enhanced life of mind offering the wider society both cultural and political benefits
  • Polytechnic Education as instrument of exploitation of extractive, rejuvenative and regulative capabilities of the state.
  • A Polytechnic that is not only good, but also shows others (students, government and society) how to be good.
  • A Polytechnic that disseminates existing and new information, pursues service to the community and acts as a storehouse of knowledge.
  • A Polytechnic that produces high and medium level manpower and imbuing its recipients with the intellectual and physical skills, necessary for the individual’s personal equipment and national development

An institution that is well funded and equipped for teaching, research and development.

  • An Institution where students will experience less stress and rigors in getting registered after admission, getting supervisors,  paying various fees, getting accommodation, securing adequate attention of their supervisors, applying for remarking when they feel marked-down, graduating within given time frame, being completely Less dependent on the lecturer all they get as knowledge

An institution equipped for competition in a globalized world, with complete ICT facilities and access to knowledge base of the world

  • An institution with E-Education management techniques and e-learning facilities
  • An institution with good, strong, firm and fair leadership equipped to tackle the challenges of discipline, cultism, capacity building, knowledge and wealth creation.
  • A transparent and corrupt-free institution which will also change the mind of parents to de-emphasize University education but technical education.